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We are true car enthusiasts that strive to offer the EVERYONE the opportunity to personalize/modify their car. We started out as college students on a tight budget and understand that not everyone has tons of cash to throw at their car. For this reason, we decided to offer services at AFFORDABLE prices to all. No more paying $150+ per wheel to have them refinished, instead, we offer a COMPLETE set of wheels refinished starting at the price of ONE that a shop would charge. There is also no need to pay $50+ per fender to have them rolled, we offer the same great service shops do at a fraction of the cost.

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Additional Info:


As far as wheels go, they must be left here a couple days. You must have a spare set to roll on for 5 days or so. We are working on getting some rollers for customers while we work on your wheels but because we do so many different types of cars (e36, e30s, e34s,e39s, etc etc), we dont have the space to house our own personal wheels, customer wheels, and loaner wheels (different sizes/offsets etc) for people.

Also, when wheels are powder coated, they are put into an oven and baked from 3-400 degrees for a certain amount of time. This means that the tires MUST be removed before drop off. We do have a guy we know for dismounting tires/remounting and balancing but those prices are ON TOP of ours. Another good reason to have at least 1 extra set of wheels to roll on.

Wheels must be cleaned prior drop off. By cleaned we mean NO BRAKE DUST/DIRT/ETC. We will take care of the rest but it slows us down tremendously just doing routine cleaning to wheels. They must be cleaned prior to sand blasting and powder coating so don't think that the media blaster will take care of the dirt/grime. Other shops charge a cleaning charge to their customers for the same thing. We are trying to avoid that to keep the cost down and affordable.


These should be 10x easier then wheels. Just make sure they're cleaned prior drop off. Valve covers etc must have no OIL on them. We feel these are easy rules to follow to achieve affordable powder coating. We don't do this to make a killing. We are true car enthusiasts trying to keep this service available to everyone and have a reasonable turn around time to keep parts/wheels moving through.

Failure to follow these rules will result in: refusal of work, returned parts/wheels, extra charge for cleaning fees/extra labor, or in extreme cases: parts powder coated pink.


We have been asked many times if we warranty our work. We will warranty our work to some extent. As long as the parts have been used appropriately (no sanding down, stripping, etc) we will redo parts that have failed. We currently haven't had to redo anything because of paint failure.

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